Awkward Trips Home

So, we meet again… Must mean you have an actual interest in my life or just that you’re a lost millennial as well.

Today I got an email that I’ve been dreading, my 5 year college reunion is nearing. 5 years! I can’t believe that. Unfortunately for me, I’ll be home that weekend for a wedding so I don’t really have an excuse about why I can’t attend. By this point in their lives most of my college friends are holding steady jobs with bank accounts and significant others to match. I’m lucky if have enough ramen to survive the week. Thankfully my dogs don’t judge me too much.

I also dread going home to the endless questions:

  1. When are you getting married?
  2. When will you have kids?
  3. Buying a house anytime soon?

Seriously mom, back off there. My “biological clock” is doing just fine thank you. I don’t need you to be informing me about the countdown, really.

I’m sure other people deal with this, so help a girl out. Give me your tips for dealing with family awkwardness. Also while you’re at it, if you’ve been to a college reunion… HELP ME.

T-28 days until the awkward trip home begins.


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