Hello there cruel world

Well, I guess we have not been formally introduced. I’m Emily. I’m a twenty-something female just trying to navigate day to day life without having any major breakdowns. Pretty much I’m just trying to get by and maybe use my college degree, eventually. It seems that the world is out to get us millennials. We are told to go to college and then find a job but it seems that all of those jobs want 5+ years of experience or my kidney. So I guess my kidney is going because I surely did not have job in my teenage years.

Adults always say contradictory things: 1. go to college for something you love 2. get a good job… It seems that I chose the first of those options. I went to college to study english and philosophy and then obtained a masters degree in environmental policy. Sadly, following my passion has not served me well because I have yet to secure a real job in my field. Adults should really just tell you to go to college and major in something practical such as engineering, don’t get my hopes up that I can get a “good” job with an english degree. Ah well, here I am – stuck in job and life limbo.

All I want is a decent job (maybe one that I slightly enjoy) so I can pay my student loans back, is that too much to ask?


That’s all for now folks.



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