Have we lost sight of what matters?

Is it just me or do the holidays cause unnecessary stress? Everyone seems so frantic all the time, struggling to find the perfect gift for everyone. Why is it like that? I might be jaded because I do work retail… I find people come in angry that they waited until the last minute to buy something for someone and then proceed to take their anger out on me when we don’t have what they want. Is that what the holidays have become?

The holidays are just consumerism at its finest. We all want to purchase perfect gifts, gifts that might be out of style in a few weeks when the next best thing comes out. When did the holidays become so commercial? Why do we need to shower our loved ones in expensive gifts? Shouldn’t just spending the day together be enough? Don’t get me wrong, I purchase gifts for people I care about. I opt for the small gifts route, if I see something small that reminds me of a friend I will get it – if not, I don’t worry. I feel this way about Valentine’s Day also. Why wait for one specific day of the year to show the person you are with that you love them? Why not do small acts of kindness all throughout the year? I find those small gestures matter more in the long run. I would rather have someone randomly tell me they appreciate me than one overly commercialized day of the year they take me out to dinner and get me chocolate (don’t get me wrong I LOVE chocolate – who doesn’t?).

In all the mayhem of the holidays, I find we lose sight of the things that truly matter – family, friends, love, health and happiness. We should spend the time celebrating those bonds, celebrating each other and our thriving relationships. Those small moments are what make everything in life really worthwhile right? The next iPhone isn’t going to change your life, but those small moments with people you care about will.

Next time you’re driving home from work, stop and just look around. Look at the fresh snow covering the ground or watch the sunset over the mountains and just be thankful for all of the tiny moments in your life – all of the tiny moments that bring you joy. Then share that joy with everyone you love and I promise it will be worth it.


Happy Holidays


P.S. While I shouldn’t have to say this I will — Please be nice to retail workers. We work long hours (on days that many others don’t have to work), for minimal pay and little to no appreciation.


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