The Plight of the Retail Worker

Christmas is 2 days away. For retail workers that means two days of pure hell. Two days filled with customers begging for you to make sold out items appear out of thin air. No sir, I can’t get you that shirt in a size small – maybe you should have shopped a week ago? As we enter these super busy holiday shopping days please remember that retail workers are people too.


  1. We aren’t deliberately trying to ruin your holidaydownload-1.jpg
  2. We work long hours on days many other people don’t workdownload-2.jpg
  3. If we say we don’t have your size – we aren’t lying to
  4. No we can’t give you the employee discount. And you are not my friend so don’t ask for a friends discount. download-6.jpg
  5. The “back” is not some magical place where things just appear. So please don’t tell me to check in
  6. Coming in 5 minutes before close is not cool. If you need something that bad, please ask us for help and don’t unfold all of our
  7. We don’t decide the prices so please don’t complain to us about themdownload-4.jpg
  8. Don’t bang on the doors before we open or after we close and beg to be let in. It’s not okay. We won’t let you in.
  9. Please don’t talk on your phone at the register, it’s just common courtesy.


Retail workers are working hard to make sure you get what you need for your holiday shopping lists. Please take the time to thank them. We get screwed over enough by our coworkers not showing up please don’t make our job harder. Remember we celebrate these holidays too and your last minute shopping means that we get to spend less time with our families… So please be remember your manners and know that we do want to help you!

Thank a retail worker today!


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