Calm Before the Storm

Some days it is so hard to drown out all of the noise — it becomes deafening. Some days I can’t decipher my own emotions from flood of everyone elses. Some days I just want quiet. Just a few moments of calm before the seas start raging again. 
This is what my brain feels like constantly. I feel everything all at once. All the feelings rushing around my head like a little kid on christmas — chaos. It’s part of my problem. Along with having high anxiety I also feel what other people feel. If you are sad I feel sad, your pain is my pain. Empath I believe is the term to describe that. 

I love that I can be empathetic towards issues that other people face. I find empathy in general is a unique human emotion. It allows us the ambility to be understanding to the plight of others. It allows us to be a little more kind instead of judgmental. But sometimes being an overly empathetic person, especially one with anxiety, is debilitating. I just wish that sometimes I could stop feeling everything, just for a brief moment of peace. There are days I feel so overwhelmed with the problems of others that it becomes hard to think or breathe. At that point my anxiety takes over and makes things worse by a substantial amout. Anxiety makes it impossible to distinuish my own emotions and feels apart from those of others. It is a swarm of feelings swimming around my head. 

I love that I am an empathetic person, I really do, but sometimes it really is exhausting. Sometimes I just wish I could turn my thoughts off. Anyone have any advice on how to calm your mind? I’d love to hear your ideas


One thought on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Hi Emily!

    I liked reading your post. Yes, there are ways to turn your thoughts off. Sit somewhere comfortably, shut your eyes and take a protracted deep breath, following your breath with your mind as it goes in. When you have taken in enough, let the breath go out naturally, at its own pace, and follow the outgoing breath with your mind again. Let the next breath come in naturally as soon as it is ready to come in, and repeat the entire process. Keep doing this. You will find your thoughts calm down fast. You can let go of trying to control your breath and focus more on just watching the breath as you progress.

    In this practice, if at any point of time if you feel uncomfortable inside and have an urge to open your eyes – such as if an old unpleasant thought surfaces – please do so. Follow your instinct. This breathing technique can refine your intuition. Don’t do it for too long. Too light and transparent a mind and too little gravity and grounding is not good for one. Once you are tranquil enough, get up and get busy with the day again. You may find you feel refreshed and ready to begin work. You may also feel inspired and if you draw or write poetry, something like that may flow through you.

    Hope it works. Blessings! 🙂


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